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We specialize in new roofs and re-roofs using modern architectural style asphalt shingles.  These shingles are made with a fibreglass core, resulting in greatly increased durability and longevity over traditional shingles. 

Rubber roofing is extremely durable, environmentally friendly, and hail proof.  While the up front cost is more than asphalt shingles, you save money over time due to the insulating value of the rubber and the fact that it will never need to be replaced.

Calgary asphalt shingle roof install
Calgary Vinyl siding installation

Whether you're looking to repair hail damage or increase the curb appeal of your home, we have the expertise and material options to provide the perfect exterior finish to your home.  We take the time to ensure that the siding on your home is both aesthetically pleasing and completely sealed.

While initially more expensive than asphalt shingles, properly installed metal roofing provides a more durable option, both in longevity and resistance to the elements.  We have a wide range of experience installing metal roofing from homes to commercial and agricultural buildings.

Properly installed soffit is an integral part of your roof ventilation system while also protecting your eaves and attic from pests, such as birds, rodents, and insects.  New soffit and fascia also adds curb appeal to your home.

Prairie Home's five-inch continuous gutter and downpipe system will help protect your foundation and the rest of your home from leaking or overflowing gutters.

Skylights are more than just an attractive feature of your home.  The natural light they allow means savings on your utility bills and is said to have health benefits as well!  Proper installation is essential to save you the headache of leaks down the road.

There's nothing worse than a leaking roof!  When left unrepaired (or unnoticed!), what started out as a small problem can quickly become a bigger, more expensive one.  Regular roof inspections and maintenance help protect and extend your roof's lifespan.  

Calgary gutter installation
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